Chris Mauceri Interview

Chris Mauceri, bloodied but unbowed, after his battle against Kevin Ross. Chris sustained a cut from an elbow early in the fight, but made an impressive showing against a seasoned warrior.


I was like, did I get hurt and nobody told me? I was a little confused why he [Sittisak] would say that.

Feb. 3, 2015CombatReel caught up with Chris Mauceri to discuss his upcoming fight against Sittisak Por Sirichai at Lion Fight 20. We also got his thoughts on Sittisak’s recent comments that injured American fighters pull out of fights, while Thais never do.

CombatReel: Hello Chris. How’s training going?

Chris Mauceri: Training is going really good. I feel good, and I’m in good shape. So I’m pretty happy with the training camp.

CombatReel: Are you focusing on anything specific in this training camp?

Chris Mauceri: Not too much. It’s been pretty general. Maybe a little bit of focus on defending Sittisak’s elbows – he’s pretty sneaky – so we’re focusing on trying to control his hands and stuff like that.

CombatReel: So you bring up a good point. Kevin Ross had trouble controlling the distance with Sittisak, and in particular with his counter elbows, how do you plan to deal with that?

Chris Mauceri: Yeah that’s definitely something we’ve been working on. Kevin had trouble keeping out of his [Sittisak’s] range. Sittisak is really sneaky. He’s great at using his range, and staying where he wants to land kicks and elbows, and staying out of punching range whenever possible. So we’ve been working on trying to cut him off, controlling his hands, and keeping him in the space I want him and not playing that game.


CombatReel: Sittisak has a record of 65-12, are you intimidated at all by those types of records?

Chris Mauceri: No, not at all. Coke, who I just fought, had 150 wins, something like that, none of that really matters to me.

CombatReel: Sittisak said in a recent interview that he’s scared you may pull out of the fight because “Americans have a tendency to take safety first. If they hurt a little bit then they pull out.” Did you see that interview?

Chris Mauceri: I did see it.

CombatReel: What are your thoughts on that?

Chris Mauceri: I think in general he’s right. I think a lot of fighters do take safety first. More important for them, they are thinking of putting their records first. They do not want to come in not 100% and risk a loss. But he doesn’t have to worry about that from me. None of that really matters to me. I’ve never pulled out of a fight for any reason. And I certainly wouldn’t do that now, unless I suddenly died before the fight.

CombatReel: I found that to be kind of a curious comment, especially given your fight against Kevin Ross and that cut you sustained early.

Chris Mauceri: Yeah, I thought it was interesting too. It just seemed like there was really no context for it, or precedent I guess. I won’t be pulling out of the fight so that is not a problem.

I actually sat down, and read that interview last night. And I was like, did I get hurt and nobody told me? I was a little confused why he would say that.

CombatReel: So Sittisak also noted that he hasn’t found any food he likes in America. I know you like Thai food and have a variety of post-fight foods you like. Any suggestions?

Chris Mauceri: Oh man, I really don’t [have any]. I’m kind of with him on that. I love Thai food, any ethnic food really in general. American food I kind of agree, I’m not a huge fan of it. But if he wants to get down on a box of Cinnabon with me that might change his mind.

CombatReel: Chris thanks so much.

Chris Mauceri: Yeah, no problem.

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