Chris Mauceri

Kingston, NY

Professional Muay Thai

Chris Mauceri | American
Sport(s):Professional Muay Thai
Trains at: Stockade Martial Arts

About Chris

A former gymnast turned pro Muay Thai fighter, Chris brings a natural grace and athleticism to the ring. He has already had bouts against a number of seasoned veterans, including Kevin Ross and Sittisak Por Sirachai. In our opinion, Chris is one of the most promising, up-and-coming American Muay Thai fighters. Definitely someone to watch!

CHRIS MAUCERI: Training Muay Thai

Fighter Profile | Stockade Martial Arts

March 17, 2015

Learn more about the up-and-coming professional fighter, Chris Mauceri, who hails from Kingston, NY. In this short film, you will hear directly from Chris and see him training at his gym, Stockade Martial Arts. See why Muay Thai is such a beautiful and powerful art!

Chris Mauceri Interview

Chris Mauceri, bloodied but unbowed, after his battle against Kevin Ross. Chris sustained a cut from an elbow early in the fight, but made an impressive showing against a seasoned warrior.   I was like, did I get hurt and nobody told me? I was a little confused why he [Sittisak] would say that. Feb. […]


Chris Mauceri

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