Lion Fight 21 – Photos & Results

March 27, 2015 – Lion Fight 21 gave fight fans a show! In the main event of the evening, Tetsuya Yamato knocked out Kevin Ross in the very first round, delivering a beautifully set-up elbow that put Ross out on his feet. Ross was unable to recover and the fight was stopped moments later as Yamato attacked with a barrage of strikes that split open Ross’s head, requiring numerous stiches.

Tiffany Van Soest – who fights out of Blue Ocean Muay Thai in San Diego – went to war against Dutch fighter, Chajmaa Bellekhal. Tiffany dominated the fight, winning by unanimous decision and leaving Chajmaa looking battered and exhausted. Tiffany, on the other hand, jumped up on the ropes and showed fans that she has plans for the belt.

Ben Yelle put on an impressive performance against seasoned Thai warrior, Malaipet, who many expected to walk right through the less experienced fighter. Yelle lost by decision, but he lasted all three rounds and seemed to gain momentum as the fight went on. That said, Malaipet may have been holding back, as the Thai warrior seemed to have barely broken a sweat and was all smiles when the fight concluded.

In what may have been the fight of the night, Victor Saravia and Sam Poulton went to war. Both men put on an impressive performance that had the crowd going wild. Ultimately, Victor prevailed over a bloodied Poulton, but both men should hold their heads up high after that bout.

In the first televised fight of the evening, Nick Chasteen delivered a commanding performance against Tony Fausto, who by the fourth round was beginning to look like a human punching bag. Tony’s corner threw in the towel moments after the ref stopped the fight. After this dominating performance, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Nick.


  • Tetsuya Yamato (Yamato Gym) defeats Kevin Ross (Combat Sports Academy) by KO in Round 1.
  • Tiffany van Soest (Blue Ocean Muay Thai) defeats Chajmaa Bellekhal (Hemmers Gym) by Unanimous Decision.
  • Malaipet (Sasiprapa USA) defeats Ben Yelle (Warriors Muay Thai) by Unamimous Decision.
  • Victor Saravia defeats Sam Poulton by Unanimous Decision
    Josh Shepard defeats Jose Lopez by KO in Round 1.
  • Nick Chasteen (Best Muay Thai) defeats Tony Fausto (Pacific Training Center) by TKO in round 4.