Richard Abraham Interview

Feb. 12, 2015CombatReel interviewed Richard Abraham to discuss his upcoming fight against Jo Nattawut at Lion Fight 20.

Richard Abraham is arguably the top Muay Thai fighter in the Greater Chicago area. He talks to us about the hard work he put in to get where he is today — what he calls “the grind.”


I’ve succeeded, for the most part, with my own training, and basically my own coaching. For the most part, the day to day grind is me.


Richard has a full time job, a fiance, kids, dogs, a gym. He is a busy man. Yet he gets up every morning and runs for an hour and then trains. Then he goes to work. Then he trains again every night. He has done this despite the limited resources for Muay Thai in Chicago. He is very much a self-made man.

Richard also spoke about his gym, Maximus Muay Thai, which is named after his son who passed away at five days old. Richard wants his son’s name to be remembered.

Although Richard is relatively unknown in the United States, he has had some big fights overseas in Thailand, Uganda, and Russia. If you haven’t already, check out the amazing video from Uganda on his profile. Richard literally thought he might not get out of there alive.

Watch the interview to hear Richard’s inspiring story and learn why he is someone fans should be following. Whatever the 20th brings, we know it’s going to be exciting!

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