Tim Amorim Interview

Tim Amorim training before Lion Fight 20.

Feb. 16, 2015 – Ahead of their respective fights at Lion Fight 20, CombatReel caught up with teammates, Tim Amorim, John Nofer, and Ben Anton, of team Rami Elite. In the first of three interviews we will be posting, Tim Amorim tells us about his fight preparation and talks about bouncing back from his first professional loss. He also gives us a glimpse into what motivates him as a fighter.

CombatReel: Tim, you will be fighting Bryce Lawrence this Friday at Lion Fight 20. How is your training going?

Tim Amorim: Training has been going great. [I’m] working really hard. Rami [Ibrahim] has been really pushing me. It’s definitely been a really good training camp. We started it early. We’ve had plenty of time for this fight, which has been great. So it’s always a plus when you have a long training camp. I’m definitely going to be in the best shape of my life, for sure.

CombatReel: So you’re coming down in weight from 143 lbs. to 135 lbs.?

Tim Amorim: Right, I’m fighting at 135.

CombatReel: How’s the weight cut going?

Tim Amorim: The weight cut is going great. Again, I’m listening to Rami, he’s been helping a lot. One of my other training partners, Joe Amendola, he’s been helping me a lot as far as diet and water intake [are concerned]. So I’ve been drinking a lot of water, that’s been really helpful as far as sweating, and keeping the weight loss easy.

I fought most of my [amateur] career at 140 or lower, honestly. So when I fought at 143, I was actually moving up. I felt a little smaller at that weight. And I guess with Pedro [Gonzalez], I could definitely feel the weight difference and strength difference. I figured it was a smarter move to come down to 135.

It’s a bit more of a strict diet than at 143. I used to make 143 pretty easily. So I have to stay away from my sweets, no doughnuts, no good stuff like that. Other than that, it’s been going great.

CombatReel: So you bring up the Pedro fight, you fought Pedro Gonzalez [at Lion Fight 17], and that was your first pro loss. You mention that you felt his size in that fight, tell us about that?

Tim Amorim: As far as height and length, we’re quite similar. But as far as the actual weight and strength, I could feel the difference between Pedro and myself. So I thought it would be a better match, and a better advantage for me to go down in weight to 135, which is more physically appropriate for … my body.

Tim Amorim: The thing is to stay positive, try not to let it get you down. I’ve watched th[at] fight many times, to kind of examine it, and be very critical, and look at what I need to improve on. I feel I have definitely tried to implement that in this whole training camp.

[I]t was difficult, no one likes to lose. But I have always been a strong-willed, and very determined individual. I was back in the gym shortly after the loss. Once the stitches came out, I was back in the gym training and running.

CombatReel: Mentally, how do you bounce back from your first loss as a professional?

But it was difficult, no one likes to lose. But I have always been a strong-willed, and very determined individual. I was back in the gym shortly after the loss. Once the stitches came out, I was back in the gym training and running. I was not going to let that defeat me – in the ring or outside the ring. I was going to bounce back. I’m determined to bounce back and show people, show fans, that I am better than that last performance.

CombatReel: How soon after that loss were you back in the gym?

Tim Amorim: I usually like to take a week off after training, I also needed to let the cut on my eye heal. I would say I was back in the gym two weeks after [the fight].

CombatReel: That’s amazing. So you said you went back and looked at the video, what specifically have you been working on based on what you saw in the Gonzalez fight?

Tim Amorim: Well, I let him overwhelm me. I let him, his pressure – his style was a lot different than what I was used to – I let him overwhelm me. And I let him dictate the pace, and where the fight went. I could have used my – it is the art of the 8 limbs – I could have used them better. I could have implemented the jab to nullify some of his forward movement. I could have done the teep. You know, I should have used angles better. So those are things I have been working on as far as using my angles better, using movement better.

Again, I let him dictate the fight. I let him initiate the clinch. I let him push me around. So as far as being first to get off, using angles and head movement, those are things I have been trying to work on.

Alfredo Perez from Combatreel.com visits Rami Elite Gym located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Friday February 13, 2015 to interview fighters training for their upcoming fights.
Alfredo Perez from Combatreel.com visits Rami Elite Gym located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Friday February 13, 2015.


CombatReel: What motivates you, especially given that Muay Thai is not the most lucrative career? What motivates you to keep fighting?

Tim Amorim: My passion and my heart is with Muay Thai. It is something I dedicated a third of my life to. That’s what drives me – my love of the sport. Any fighter out there can tell you, you are not going to get rich doing this, but we do it for the love.

CombatReel: There are a number of up-and-coming fighters training out of Rami Elite, including John Nofer, who will also be fighting at Lion Fight 20. What is it like training in that sort of atmosphere?

Tim Amorim: Well it’s great. It is like they say, iron sharpens iron. Especially, John – I knew he was something special when I started training with him, when he was 16 years old.
Having him as a training partner is great. We push ourselves constantly.

Ben [Anton] also is great. He is probably going to be pro in the future soon. He is long and rangy. It helps you up your game because you can’t get stagnate. You have to evolve. You force each other to get better.

CombatReel:I want to talk a little bit about your opponent. You are going to be facing Bryce Lawrence [at Lion Fight 20]. Have you been working on anything specific geared towards facing Bryce?

Tim Amorim: I looked at some video of him to see what he implements. I’ve talked to some people who have fought him. So there are somethings I’m trying to implement, but mostly overall I am trying to be more well-rounded of a Muay Thai fighter.

I feel that in the past I have gotten too much into the traditional Thai style just standing right there with no head movement, and just going back and forth. I enjoy that, that’s what most of my career has been based on, but as I said earlier I am trying to implement more head movement, just more movement all together rather than just stand letting [my opponent] hit me back. So I am trying to work more on that. It’s something I am trying to implement in this fight as well.

CombatReel:Tim, I want to thank you on behalf of CombatReel. We look forward to seeing your fight, and your ever-evolving game. It was a tough loss in your last fight, but I think you made a lot of fans with your grit and determination to keep fighting.

Tim Amorim: That’s one thing, I’ll never give up. [Even if I] get my butt whooped – like in my last fight, I was losing pretty good – I’m never going to give up. I feel like that’s one thing I definitely know I have in me. I got rocked, hey I stayed in there, and kept fighting until the last bell.

CombatReel: The fans appreciate it. And I know I appreciate it. Thanks so much.

Tim Amorim: Thank you.


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