USKA Fights Breakdown & Results

USKA Fights – 2017 Season Opener

USKA Fights put on another great show, and our own George Pitsakis was there to cover all the action.  Enjoy!

[Blue] Marija Kelly 0-0 (Fearless Dragons) – [Red] Mandi Bompensa 0-1 (Stay Fly)

Rd 1:  Blue aggressive to start. Lots of punches from both fighters. Big knees from red. Blue punching in the clinch, not much to blue’s clinch game. Double plum and knees from red. Leg kicks from red. Red opening up with punches and kicks.

10-9 Red

Rd 2: Punches in bunches from both fighters. Red dominates in the clinch. That’s the deciding factor so far. Big cross from red. Red pushing the pace, big kicks and punches. Blue shies away from some punches and keeps circling. Blue seems a little hesitant to engage.

10-9 Red

Rd 3: Hands to leg kick from red. Blue circles and throws a kick. Red double plum in the clinch and blue continues to punch in the clinch. Big cross from red; big rear kick. Clinch again with red dominating. Red kicks, caught by blue who attempts the dump. Dominating clinch by red to end the fight. Should be a unanimous decision win for Mandi Bompensa in the red corner.

30×27 unanimous decision for red corner Mandi Bompensa of Stay Fly

[Blue] Kevin Chica 0-0 (Rami Elite) – [Red] Darren Bowser (814 Muay Thai)

Rd 1: Touch gloves. Hyper aggressive from blue. Big punches from blue who is running across the ring. Red lands a nice low kick. Blue corner asking their fighter to slow it down. Big jab from red. Haymakers from blue who pushes red into the clinch. Red staying composed. They clinch. Knees. Both throw and land nice jabs to end the round. Very wild round, blue is hyper aggressive.

10-9 Blue

Rd 2: Red looks composed to start. Touch gloves. Big overhands by red. Blue looking for the clinch. Low kick by red. Clinch and the ref breaks. Hands to low kick by blue. Blue kneeing in the clinch, big scores. Big knee again by blue. Exciting fight. Fighters stall in the clinch. Nice jab by red. They clinch. Blue’s aggression is winning him this fight. Red is composed but getting overwhelmed.

10-9 Blue

Rd 3: Touch gloves. Blue charges for the clinch and knees. Pressure fighting and side knees. Red lands a nice 1-2 and they clinch again. Clinch and knees by blue. Punch by red. Big knees by blue. Fighters are getting tired. Ref breaks. Big punches by red as blue marches into the clinch. Blues eyes roll back. Clinch again to end the fight. Close round. Should be a unanimous decision for blue, winning all three rounds.

Judges score: 30×27, 29×28, 30×27 for blue corner Kevin Chica

[Blue] Daniel Santos 1-0 (Wright Fight Concepts) – [Red] Grant Swift 1-0 (Gracie 717)

Rd 1: Trading leg kicks. Lots of movement from blue. Nice leg kick by blue. Red is the aggressor, but blue landing more significant strikes. Jab, hook, cross misses for red. Big punches by red. Trade leg kicks and fall into the clinch. Straight to the body by red followed by a lead kick to the body. Close round very hard to score. Blue lands more kicks and has cleaner technique. I would give it to blue though I think judges will score it for red. Scoring is not Muay Thai, it is “USKA Rules 5 second clinch”

10-9 Blue

Rd 2: Red hyper aggressive throws lots of punches followed by a lead kick to the body. 1-2 followed by a switch kick for red. Volume is adding up for red. Blue is slowing. Red is throwing hands to body kicks and low kicks effectively. Red high kick partially blocked. Big body kick, head kick, and knees. Blue counted for the 8. Red’s lead kicks are winning the round for him.

10-8 Red

Rd 3: Blue throws a leg kick checked by red. Switch kicks are really landing for red. Nice jab by blue. Red lands a vicious knee to the liver and follows up with punches and knees. 8 count again for blue. Punches in bunches for red. Ref is about to stop it. Nice one two by red. Ref calls it.

Red corner Grant Swift wins by TKO in the 3rd round

[Blue] Stacey Duck 2-0 (TSMMA) – [Red] Natalie Kane 1-0 (YAMA)

Rd 1: Body kick by red. Lots of punch combinations by blue. Nice 1-2 by blue. Inside leg by red. Inside leg again by red. Interesting Southpaw Orthodox matchup. Nice turning rear sidekick by blue. Nice body kick and 1-2 by blue. Nice hook by red. Very close round. Hard to score.

10-9 Blue

Rd 2: 1-2 by blue lands. They clinch. Punching in the clinch. Nice lead kick to the body by red. Blue works the jab pushing forward and lands knees in the clinch. Blue loves the jab, cross, hook. It lands well. Cross by blue who is circling away from red’s power. Big overhand by blue. Blue pulling away.

10-9 Blue

Rd 3: 1-2 by blue. She jabs and circles out. Red lands a nice body kick. Trade switch kicks. Inside leg kick followed by a 1-2 for blue. Big, big spinning back fist by red. Nice cross by blue. Blue does a great job circling away from her opponent’s strong side. Lots of quick punches.

10-9 Blue

Unanimous decision 30×27 for blue corner Stacey Duck

[Blue] Jonathan Fox 0-1 (Wright Fight Concepts) – [Red] Aaron Rhodes 0-1 (Stay Fly)

Rd 1: Red seals the ring before the fight. Touch gloves. Both kick. Big cross and kick by red. Both tall and athletic. Big knees by red. Knee by blue. Kick misses by blue and red kicks the leg. Big cross by red. Fake teep and rear kick by red. Technical beyond their experience. Big kick by blue. Big kick by red. Nice check hook by red. Close round but red takes it. Good pace.

10-9 Red

Rd 2: Touch gloves. Trading body kicks. Knees in the clinch by red. Blue knees red viciously in the groin. Red really in pain. Up to 5 minute break. Red struggling to walk but looks to continue. Big leck kick by blue. Uppercut cross by red. Big head kick by red. Nice switch by blue. A good cross. Return head kick misses for blue. Cross and a kick by red. Leg kick. Red moving back but landing. Red blocking most of the punches but they are still moving him. Really close round.

10-9 Blue

Rd 3: Touch gloves. Big overhands and knees in the clinch by red. Big overhand by red and blue’s mouth guard flies. Inside leg kick by blue. Cross to the body by red. Red opening up. Headkick barely lands for blue. Big punches by red. Keeping his hands down and marching forward like he doesn’t care. The crowd loves it. Big knees by both. Crazy Crazy fight for inexperienced amateurs. Round ends and I give it to red. Very technical.

10-9 Red. 29×28 red by my call.

Unanimous decision 30×27, 29×28, 30×27 for red corner Aaron Rhodes

[Blue] Joshua Ford 12-6 (Rami Elite) – [Red] Michael Rakay 4-2 (Stay Fly)

Rd 1: The big boys are fighting for an amatuer strap. PA amatuer titles are 3×3 rounds. Hook by southpaw blue. Kick misses for red. Big cross by red. Big overhand by red. Hook by blue. They clinch. Red has the advantage in the clinch. Nice two by red. They are swinging for the fences. Nice leg kick by blue and again. Big overhand by red. Jab by red. Teep. Red marches forward and eats a two. Big two by blue. Blue moves while red marches forward. Big punches by blue and big knees by red. Great fight. I would give the slight advantage to blue, but red did land the bigger knees.

10-9 Blue but it could go either way.

Rd 2: Touch gloves. Outside leg kick by the orthodox red. Red landing lots of rear kicks. Big combo with an uppercut to end by red. Big body kick by red. Tries an overhand but it’s blocked. Blue has crisper boxing, but red’s clunch and kicks are strong. Nice kick by blue. Red returns and blue falls. Nice two by red. Blue catches teeps and throws a two. Nice body kick lands for red. Blue returns with a cross. Red lands an overhand and rear uppercut. Red wins this round.

10-9 Red

Rd 3: Touch gloves and a hug from former teammates. Red continues to march forward. Big body kick by red. Blue isn’t putting much power on his strikes. Big rear kick by red. Big knees in the clinch by red. Marching forward, not as much action this round. Blue corner is screaming for their fighter to work more. Cross lands by Mike. Big body kick by red and blue returns with punches. Red marching forward traditional thai style, throwing big power single shots the entire round. Red wins this round and the fight. Close first round, but the second two were both easily for red.

10-9 Red

Judges score 30×27 unanimous decision for red corner Michael Rakay of Stay Fly Muay Thai.


[Blue] Giovanny Mercado debut (Five Points) – [Red] Joel Regignano 0-1 (Capital MMA)

Rd 1: The pros are here. Two very respected gyms. 140 lb. fight. Pace is much slower with pros. Nice switch by red. Nice leg kick by blue. Red jabs. Nice leg kick by blue again. Long guard by blue and they clinch. Knee by blue. I don’t think they are allowed to elbow in PA. Fighters trading knees in the clinch. Big overhand by blue. Good knee by red. I’m wrong. Red throws a nice elbow. Dump by blue and they both fall. Checked kick thrown by blue. Teep to the face just hits by red. Very close round, could go either way. Overhand was the strongest strike of the night. Slower pace. Hard to score while typing. Also PA still only allows 3 rounds in Muay Thai fights unless they are title fights.

10-9 Red

Rd 2: Nice switch to the body by blue. Big elbow by red in the clinch. Nice knees by blue in the clinch. Trading knees. Blue kneeing red in the thigh. They clinch trade knees and fight for hand position. Dump by blue and dump by blue again. Inside leg kick by blue and red returns. Nice switch by blue. Nice switch by red. Spinning backfist by red misses badly. Spinning elbow blocked thrown by blue. A more definitive round.

10-9 Blue

Rd 3: Last round. Blue throwing body shots and they clinch again. Red tries to sneak in elbows but blue dumps him and they both fall. Cross misses for red. Red lands a nice cross as blue throws a lead hook. They nod and smile. Nice switch to the head by red partially blocked by blue. They clinch with blue landing more knees. Nice elbow in the clinch by blue. Leg kick by blue and  he ducks under red’s spinning back fist. Dumps red again and they both fall to the mat. Big knees by blue. GTen seconds and they end in the clinch. Most definitive round of the fight. Could easily by 30×27 for blue, in traditional thai scoring the first round woudl have probably been scored a draw.

10-9 Blue.

Split decision win 30×27, 29×28 and 30×27 for red corner Joel Regignano of Capital MMA

[Blue] Brima Kamara debut (Jacks Gym) – [Red] Robert Hoskins debut (independent)

Rd 1: USKA Rules 5 Second Clinch Rules. I am a little unsure as to what that means exactly. Neither wearing Muay Thai shorts. Both moving like boxers. Spinning jump kick. Blue shows a lead side kick. Blue tries to throw a step in knee as red comes in. Rear kick by red returned by blue. Both throw lead side kicks . Lead kick by blue. Leg kick checked by red. Two rear kicks by blue land to the body. Pace slows some. Jumping rear kick tried by red and it’s blocked. Teep to the face lands by blue! Red gets 8 counted at the bell! He makes the count and they walk back to their corners.

10-8 Blue

Rd 2: Rear kick by red. Red moves like a boxer. Blue rips a couple punches to the body in the corner. Blue throws a teep to the face and rips a couple more hooks to the body. He is starting to pull away even further. Red throws a kick that is checked. Body kick lands by red, but blue counters with punches in bunches. Check hook by blue lands. He tries for the teep to the face again. Red is pumping out the jab but not doing much.

10-9 Blue

Rd 3: Punches from blue and a rear kick. Red circles and pumps the jab. Blue throws a nice rear leg kick to lead body kick. Blue catches red with a knee to the body, and keeps him in the corner with punches then lands a nice knee to the face. Red falls and does not answer the 8 count.

3rd round TKO for blue corner Brima Kamara of Jack’s Gym

[Blue] Lisa Edinger debut (Nak Muay) – [Red] Ilhame Rhaffari 2-2 (Sitan Gym)

Rd 1: First ever pro female fight in PA. Trading 1-2s. Kneeing in the clinch. Good knees by red. She is controlling the clinch. Ref breaks. They clinch again. Working and trading knees. Kick by blue, red catches and throws a knee to the body. Nice body kick by red. Red pushes blue in the corner and knees. Good clinch battle so far.

10-9 Red

Rd 2: Nice welt on the eye of red, yet she opens up with a beautiful rear body kick. She wins in the clinch every time they get there. Lots of pressure. Red is crossfacing and making it uncomfortable for blue. Teep by red. Body kick followed by a cross. Blue lands a nice jab. Clinch again. Blue lands a nice elbow. Blue throws an inside leg kick misses and red returns. Blue landing some nice elbows throughout the round.

10-9 Red

Rd 3: Red looks worse for the wear, but is winning the fight. Both throw body kicks. Blue lands two beautiful elbows. Maybe the best shots of the fight. Red clinches her up and elbows. Nice jab by blue. Nice switch knee by blue. Trading knees in the clinch. Lots of heart from both fighters. Red knows her strength is in the clinch and marches for it. Walks through punches and elbows. Blue’s best round. Good round and great fight. I scored it 29×28 for red.

10-9 Blue

Unanimous Decision 30×27, 29×28, 30×27 for red corner Ilhame Rhaffarri of Sitan Gym

[Blue] Brandice Peltier 0-2 (Five Points) – [Red] Heather Walker-Leahy debut (Capital MMA)

Rd 1: Blue catches a kick and throws a beautiful counter. They clinch, blue is getting the best of it. Red throws a hard leg kick. Blue catches another body kick and follows up with a knee. Red throws much stronger strikes; when they land they are moving blue. They clinch. Trading knees. Teep by blue. Red land a nice jab and body kick.  Trade jabs. Hard to score. Blue controlled the fight ans the clinch but red’s strikes were more powerful and showed more effect.

10×9 blue but it could go either way.

Rd 2: Blue opening up with leg kicks. Body kick by red returned with a leg kick by blue. Very traditional thai stance for blue. They trade leg kicks. Blue opens up with straight punches and they clinch. Nice high kick by blue. Nice cross lands for blue. Big teep. She’s unloading in the corner with knees and punches. Drops red! Round ends and red survives.

10-8 blue

Rd 3: Good leg kicks from both fighters. Blue is very good at catching body kicks and returning with knees. They clinch and red is still very game. Trading knees. Blue rips rear knees and keeps shuffling. She drops red again with knees to the body. Blue aggressive with punches and they fall into the clinch. Both fighters fall through the ropes, but the apron catches them luckily. Good Thai long guard from blue. They clinch and the fight ends. Should be an easy unanimous decision win for blue.

10-8 blue

Unanimous decision 29-26 for blue corner Brandice Peltier of Five Points

[Blue] Samlullah Ahmady 1-1 (STB Training Center) – [Red] Brad Mountain 3-2 (Kaizen MMA)

Rd 1: Last fight. Brad always is super aggressive and brings heavy hands. This will be an interesting fight. Rear kick from blue. Brad parries a body kick and whips the leg kick. Teep by blue. Big cross misses by Brad. Blue is very effective with rear body and leg kicks. As a southpaw those land well against Brad who is an orthodox. Good hook by Brad. Big overhand by Brad. Both land good knees in the clinch. Brad swung and missed a lot but when he hit, it was power. Blue landed more body kicks. I’d score it for blue.

10×9 blue

Rd 2: Brad immediately pressures him into the corner and they clinch. Brad tries for a spinning elbow falls through the ropes. A big overhand lands for Brad and blue’s eyes roll back. Blue’s hands are too low. Nice elbow by Brad in the clinch. Step lead elbow by blue blocked.Leg kick by Brad. Brad whiffs big. Nice switch kick by Brad, but he is tired. Brad lands a kick but falls as it is caught. Brad lands a couple bombs to end it. Close round again. Brad’s power gives him the round.

10×9 red

Rd 3: They hug. Brad tries a Saenchai kick. Blue leans back then rockets off a cross. They are going for it. Brad is missing a lot of overhands. They clinch trading knees. They trade knees and elbows in the clinch. Close round…Inside to cross by blue. Brad lands a vicious cross hook. Brad tries a spinning kick that misses badly. Brad throws a nice jab and body kick. Brad throws a beautiful rear body to head combination. Ridiculous fight! Brad lands less but much stronger blows, with blue being a cleaner fighter and landing more strikes.

10×9 Brad but all of the rounds were close.

Split decision win 29×28 Mountain, 30×27 Ahmady, 29×28 Mountain. Brad Mountain out of the red corner wins the split decision.

By George Pitsakis