Warriors Cup XXIX – Results

November 4, 2016 – Warriors Cup XXIX treated fans to 14 action-packed Muay Thai bouts in the promotions first Philly show.  Results below:


·   Ahmad “Pitbull” Ibrahim (Rami Elite) def. Gabriele Rao – 125 lb. WC Title

·   Chantal Perry (5 Points) def. Niki Lorinczy (Nay Muay Gym) – 135 lb. WC Title

·   Bryan Burgos def. Elvin Johnson – 165 lb. WC Title

·   Rob Lin (the Wat) def. Joey Contrada – 140 lb. WC Title

·   Rob Gonzalez (the Wat) def. Brandon Maisonet (Maisonets Iron Rooster MT)

·   Dameko Boyd (Maisonets Iron Rooster MT) def. Beau Bradley (5 Points)

·   Michael Rakay (Stay Fly MT) def. Ian Clark (Rami Elite)

·   Jay Womack (Thorton MA/Sityodthong) def. Chris Joynt (8 Limbs)

·   Shawn Gorman (8 Limbs) def. Dionys Dume (Rajasi MT)

·   Harrison Ridall  (Princeton Academy) def. Adrian Aguirre (York MMA)

·   Grace Aveen (International Training Center) def. Heather Leon (Mission MMA)

·   Alma Vicencio (5 Points) def. Kirstie Herb (8 Limbs MT)

·   Calvin Au (Stay Fly MT) def. Mickey Kaiser (Cool Hearts MT)

·   Daniel Santiago (Maisonets Iron Rooster MT) def. Sean Kirby (Rebel Thai boxing)